Weapon Fusion or Fuse Weapons is a method of fusing two weapons in Kid Icarus Uprising to make a new, ideally stronger weapon. These new weapons will have similar attributes adopted from the two weapons used to create them, including value, "range" and "melee" stars, and stat bonuses.


There are laws adorning Weapon Fusion, one being that a pair of weapon types will always create a certain weapon-type (ie. Blade x Club = Staff). Additionally, fusing two certain weapons will always result in a certain weapon (ie. Burst Blade x Magnus Club = Orb Staff). This allows for the option of chain-fusing in order to design more appealing attribute combinations. Below is a chart of weapon-type fusions.


There are 12 weapons within each weapon-type, and each of those weapons has their own ID number ranging from 1 to 12. By using the chart above and these numbers, you can calculate the outcome of (almost) every fusion combination. To do this, you simply add the two ID numbers of the weapons you are going to fuse together, and then find the weapon with the corresponding ID number of that sum under the correct resulting weapon-type. If the sum is greater than 12, then subtract 12 to get the correct number (ie. 3 + 10 = 13 - 12 = 1). Each weapon and their ID number is listed below.


As an example, let's assume you want to create a Virgo Palm (9). The weapon-type pairs you would use are Blade x Bow, Blade x Orbitars, Cannon x Cannon, and Orbitars x Arms, and the ID numbers for those weapons you would use are 1 & 8, 2 & 7, 3 & 6, 4 & 5, 9 & 12, 10 & 11, and viceversa.

As such, all weapons categorized under a weapon-type can be used to create any weapon in the resulting weapon-type. If you try to fuse two weapons to make a new one and all you see is an X and a question mark, it means you haven't unlocked that weapon yet.

Breaking The Rules

In rare occasions, the fusion will not work out as expected, such as by creating a staff instead of a blade. It's currently unknown why this phenomenon occurs. Below are all known occurrences of this.

Material Weapon A Material Weapon B Actual Resulting Weapon Resulting Weapon That Should Be
Samurai Blade (7) Earthmaul Club (5) Arlon Orbitars (12) Thanatos Staff (12)
Rose Staff (3) Eyetrack Orbitars (4) Samurai Blade (7) Halo Club (7)
Knuckle Staff (4) End-All Arm (8) Gaol Blade (12) Arlon Orbitars (12)
Somewhat Staff (8) Virgo Palm (9) Upperdash Arm (10) Fireworks Cannon (5)
Dark Pit Staff (11) Fortune Bow (1) Palutena Blade (11) Phoenix Arm (12)
Stealth Claws (5) Violet Palm (1) Rail Cannon (6) Bomber Arm (6)
Hedgehog Claws (6) Ogre Club (6) Great Reaper Palm (12) Phosphora Bow (12)
Angel Bow (7) Phosphora Bow (12) Viridi Palm (11) Dynamo Cannon (7)
Angel Bow (7) Drill Arm (5) Centurion Orbitars (11) Gaol Blade (12)
Cursed Palm (5) Ball Cannon (2) Black Club (8) Samurai Blade (7)
Pudgy Palm (7) Fireworks Cannon (5) Phoenix Arm (12) Gaol Blade (12)
Ogre Club (6) Rail Cannon (6) Dark Pit Staff (11) Arlon Orbitars (12)
Shock Orbitars (3) Volcano Arm (4) Dynamo Cannon (7) Pudgy Palm (7)