Pit Bow

Pit (ピット Pitto) is the main character and protagonist of Kid Icarus Uprising. He is the Captain of the Guard for Palutena, the Goddess of Light. Despite being an angel and having wings, he does not possess the ability to fly on his own. In order to fly, he is given the power of flight as a gift from Lady Palutena.


Kid Icarus (1987)Edit

This is the game where Pit is first introduced. It was originally on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), but was later ported to the Nintendo 3DS via the eShop. He begins as a young angel boy, ironically starting in the Underworld. Later, he is entrusted by Palutena with a magical Bow and the duty of gathering the Three Sacred Treasures in order to defeat Medusa, saving Angel Land and freeing Lady Palutena.

Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters (1991)Edit

This game is for the GameBoy. In this game, Pit is charged with training for the defense of Angel Land, after Palutena foresees an invasion of demons led by a monster called Orcos. The training involves the Three Sacred Treasures, which Pit must unite. However, because of a dire emergency, Palutena had entrusted the Three Sacred Treasures to the Fortress Guardians. To prevent Orcos's invasion, Pit must once again obtain the Three Sacred Treasures. After defeating Orcos, Pit loses his ability to fly when he goes near the sun.

Kid Icarus Uprising (2012)Edit

This is the first game of the series with Masahiro Sakurai's involvement. This game is on the Nintendo 3DS. It is stated in-game that the events of the first game took place 25 years before, which is reflected in their release dates. In this game, Pit is once again called upon by Lady Palutena to fight evil. Medusa has been resurrected and it's up to Pit to defeat her. However, after defeating her, Hades surprisingly appears, being revealed as the main antogonist.


According to Masahiro Sakurai via Twitter, Pit's human body is 13 years old.


From Kid Icarus Uprising:

"I am Pit, servant of the Goddess of Light!"

From Super Smash Bros. Brawl:

"You're not ready yet!"
"Victory is mine!"