Phosphora the Lightning Flash (電光のエレカ Denkou no Ereka "Eleka the Lightning") is a boss in Kid Icarus Uprising, and one of Viridi's commanders of the Forces of Nature.

Kid Icarus: UprisingEdit

After defeating Thanatos in a war between the Forces of Nature and the Underworld Army, Phosphora goes to the abandoned Thunder Cloud Temple to recharge. Despite the similarities in their titles, the Thunger Cloud Temple does not belong to Phosphora, but she repurposes it as her land-battle headquarters versus Pit. There, Pit fights his way through the Forces of Nature to Phosphora and defeats her. She then disappears in a flash.

Surprisingly, Phosphora later appears to take care of the Lightning Chariot after Pit arrives at Palutena's Temple, and again when Dark Pit abandoned it after raming it into the gateway to the Chaos Vortex that the Chaos Kin created. After this it appears she is friendlier to Pit.



  • In the English version, Phosphora's name is related to the Greek Morning Star God, Phosphorus. Her Japanese name, Eleka, can relate to Electra. Both names are tied to Greek words relating to radiance.
  • The Phosphora Bow weapon is infused from the scarf worn around Phosphora's neck.
  • According to Masahiro Sakurai, Phosphora is about 16~17 years old when converted from the human body.


"Grind rails huh? Well la-di-da. Wish we had the budget for grind rails..."

To Pit:

"Aw, you're turning red! That's even cuter."
"I take back what I said before. You're not cute at all!"