Chapter 19 starts out with Viridi guiding Pit through the air to the Chariot Master's domain in order to acquire the Lightning Chariot from him. Hades appears at this time insisting that he wants the Lightning Chariot, simply because he believes it will attract goddesses. At first, Pit assumes he will simply hand it over, but he doesn't, so Pit must fight his way up the Chariot Master's very tall tower to speak face-to-face with him. The tower is very tall, consisting of many different levels which Pit must scale by foot, without an elevator. Once Pit finally reaches the top of the tower and meets the Chariot Master, he is given a seperate chariot pulled by one of the Lightning Chariot's unicorns to race and battle the Chariot Master to win the Lightning Chariot. During the battle, the Chariot Master talks a lot about his life. Once defeated and Pit acquires the Lightning Chariot, the Chariot Master dies, as he is freed from his duty.

Intensity GatesEdit

The first intensity gate in this chapter is located during a floor of the tower where there is a labyrinth. It is around the corner near the end, to the right of the second floor-bug monster. It requires an intensity level of at least 6.0.

Chapter WeaponsEdit

  • Babel Club
  • Centurion Orbitars
  • Ninja Palm
  • Ancient Staff
  • Aurum Bow